Programme Feb-May 2015

The thought, for example, that the cinema, along with the home and nourishment, is necessary for the reproduction of labour power, is true only in a world which conditions people for the reproduction of their labour power and compels their needs to harmonise with the employer’s interests, namely profit and domination.

— Theodor W. Adorno, ‘Theses on Need’ (1942)

Even if we might, in the crisis, have no choice but to self-organise these reproductive activities — and even though, most likely, abject reproduction will in the end mainly be foisted upon women — we must fight against this process which reinforces gender. We must treat it as it is: a self-organisation of the abject, of what no one else is willing to do.

— Endnotes, ‘The Logic of Gender’ (2013)

‘We have invented ourselves, so to speak, the social contradictions that made our freedom necessary.’ Where invented doesn’t mean made up but found and translated the facts that reveal their dormant political dimension.

— Claire Fontaine, ‘Human Strike Within the Field of Libidinal Economy’ (2009)

it’s a thought about the future. What if there were no more families anymore? Do we actually need them?

— Giorgos Lanthimos interviewed by Larry Rohter

Gendered Labour and Reproduction Strand







29 March 2015
La Noire de … / Black Girl, 1966 (60 mins)
Directed by Ousmane Sembene
+ (short) Peppa Pig: Miss Rabbit’s Day Off

26 April 2015
A Wives’ Tale, 1980 (72 mins)
Directed by Sophie Bissonette
+ shorts from the UK miners’ strike

***Previously in this series***

2 November 2014
Eat Sleep Die 2012 (104 mins)
Directed by Gabriela Pichler, Sweden

30 November 2014
A Mask if Always Active, 2014 (28 mins)
By Ines Doujak and John Barker

21 December 2014
Death Laid an Egg, 1968
Directed by Gulio Questi
+ Santa Claus Army, 1974
by Solvognen

25 January 2015
Roma ore 11.00 1952
Directed by Giuseppe de Santis
shorts by Coronet Instructional Films

22 February 2015
Dogtooth, 2009
+ (short) Necktie, 2013
Directed by Giorgos Lanthimos

*** Grupo Cine de la Base / Cinema of the Base Argentina May Special ***

31 May 2015
Raymundo (Gleyzer)

Actividad Raymundo

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